How to Stay Healthy in Autumn

Autumn is not the time for sickness and depression. This is the season of harvesting and vitamin abundance, a time of change, bright colors, warm memories of summer holidays and grand plans for the future!

After all, you need very little to have a healthy body: healthy food, being active, and having a good mood!

The best autumn diet is the lack of a diet! Since September, our “inner voice” increasingly requires calories. And for a good reason! In cloudy, cool weather, a growing appetite is not a whim, but a natural need.

In the fall, do not ignore your inner carnivore. Meat, fish, and poultry products are sources of a large amount of the most necessary elements that our body desperately needs during the cold autumn days. All of these useful elements are essential to our health.

These products help us strengthen the immune system, improve our mood, feel fresh and healthy in the coldest weather.

With a lack of animal diet in the autumn, a person feels apathy, they feel weak and it feels like they just can’t handle the most basic things of their day-to-day life, and all of these issues are easily fixable, you just have to care for your body.

Sure, meat has its own downsides and it can be quite beneficial to avoid eating it from time to time, but the autumn and winter are not the right seasons to do so.

There are some crucial products that you should never ignore, especially during the cold season when our body needs everything that it can get. Let’s talk about some of them.

Horseradish has lots of vitamin C in it, more than in most fruits that a person can get at the store. Horseradish is incredibly vital to our health during these days, you should not forget about it during the cold autumn days.

Horseradish helps to battle all sorts of illnesses that come with the season, it can reliably protect us from colds in the case of regular consumption. It also helps a person to overcome fatigue and drowsiness.

During the middle ages, people cooked the roots of this amazing plant just before dinner, without adding any vinegar to it. They chopped horseradish and poured boiling water over it, they would let it sit for a few hours, let it cool and then they served it by just adding some salt to it.

Remember that horseradish doesn’t last for that long, around 2-3 days in the fridge, so be careful and don’t forget to take it out.

Adding vinegar to horseradish prolongs its shelf life up to 2 months, however, it kills many of its beneficial properties.

Onions are rich in vitamins and useful elements, which helps us to battle the cold and other sicknesses associated with the season.

To protect against colds, you should eat a raw half of an average onion per day.

Garlic has an excellent antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulating action.

With the help of garlic, for a long time, not only the common cold was treated, but also the plague, cholera, smallpox. Sure, it probably wasn’t the ultimate cure to all the diseases back in the day, but this product is still one of the healthiest things in the world. We now know that garlic has an anti-cancer effect, lowers cholesterol and helps with the blood flow.

Therefore, in the fall, do not neglect these savory seasonings. They helped our ancestors to cope with diseases in severe weather conditions and we should not neglect their wisdom.

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